Wednesday, November 13, 2019


We offer now the following Biblical facsimiles:
  • Aleppo Codex
  • Leningrad Codex
  • Stuttgart print edition
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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The Gutenberg Bible is a Vulgate version of the Holy Bible, printed in 1455 by Johann Gutenberg.

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York is the only library in the world that has three copies, out of 49 copies known to exists, that were printed and produced by Johann Gutenberg.  Only one of the three copies in the Morgan Library is a complete original Gutenberg volume.
There are five complete original Gutenberg editions (volumes) in the U.S.: Morgan Library NY, LO Congress, DC, Yale Beinecke Library, Harvard Widener Library, and University of Texas Austin.

In 1968 Brussel & Brussel, Publishers in NY, printed a limited edition of a reduced facsimile in black and white, bound in 3 volumes of the complete Gutenberg Bible.  The production source used was the complete Morgan Library volume. Two facsimile volumes are of the Hebrew Bible and the third volume is the New Testament. The New Testament volume has illustrations in color.  See photos:

Three volumes in excellent shape

Three volumes in the slip case 

Color illustrations on the  New Testament volume

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